Products and Services

We customize our business solutions according to your requirements and will provide you the most suitable bundle of products and services. You can depend on Keyon for high caliber business solutions.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations Strategy
Development of the right investor relations strategy for your business.
Financial Reports
Production of annual and interim reports which include all stages of production, from the initial conceptualization and design stage to the final printing stage.
Corporate Presentations
Development of professional corporate presentations that deliver your messages effectively to your target audiences.


Marketing Strategy
Provision of strategic advice in all areas of marketing including brand building, sponsorships and advertising.
Corporate Websites
Design and development of professional websites that are well structured, user-friendly and effectively convey your desired messages to your target market.
Marketing Collaterals
Development of corporate brochures, pamphlets and other types of marketing collaterals.
Corporate Logos
Creation of a brand new logo or revamping an existing logo.
We specialize in professional business copywriting and will adopt a writing style that suits your business purpose and target audience. We have the expertise to utilize technical business terminology and marketing oriented language to produce high quality copy for your business.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Consulting Services
We provide corporate finance consulting services to public and private companies. With our expertise and broad financial business network, we can tailor make the right solution for your business.
Investor Roadshow Presentations
Development of professional and concise roadshow presentations for your capital raising purposes. We provide strategic advice on content, layout and presentation style.

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